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What is W5Go ?

W5GO Apps pose questions with What, Who, When, Where and Why
provide the answers to help the child learn and urge the child to think outside the box
dig deeper by asking questions with Why Not and What If.

W5GO subscribes to the notion of Wiki for collaborative development.

W5GO real with use of Augmented Reality techniques.

W5GO Useful facility for parents, teachers, guardians.

W5GO Apps Play in multiple devices.

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The W5GO Story

Why W5GO ?

W5GO proposes to teach and to explain to the child about things and occurrences in their environment and the hearsay of daily living that they observe and hear and to ignite and fire up the imagination of the developing child.

W5GO Apps pose questions with What, Who, When, Where and Why and provide the answers to help the child learn and urge the child to think outside the box and dig deeper by asking questions with “Why Not” and “What If”.

The teaching to and learning by the child and the challenges to the child in learning are made much more effective and efficient and interesting and real with the use of Augmented Reality techniques. W5GO app is a useful facility to

label The parents and guardian who are too busy working to make a living and have no time to do research on Google and assemble the required information for and teaching the child in a way conducive to learning by the child

label The teacher who can use some help of a teaching aid – simply run W5GO on a Smartphone or a Tablet that is enabled with use of an adapter such as Airtame on a large display for the whole class

label The under-resourced school in developing countries for teaching children essential knowledge and English

What advantages do W5GO offer?

Resourcefulness - it is a properly researched selection of essential information on important topics for upbringing of a child

Availability - the information and learning materials are readily available to the child on demand with the use of a Smartphone

EvolutionW5GO Project subscribes to the Wiki notion for collaborative development. Teachers and specialists in child education are invited to give us feedbacks and to contribute to the development of W5GO Project with proposal for ideas for new development and for improvement of published W5GO App.

Who are the target users?

W5GO episodes and games are purpose-designed for children ages 4-6 who are preschoolers attending junior kindergarten and daycare classes typically receiving education in English. But they are relevant to children of the age group or older children who are receiving education or making dialogue in language not primarily English because W5GO is designed to teach the child who is playing the W5GO app useful English words and expression in ways that are unobtrusive and fun and entertaining.Typically, a child will learn some 20 new words when they play a W5GO app episode. W5GO Project will produce 100 episodes of W5GO on various common and timeless topics. When a child has played all the 100 episode of W5GO, they will have learned two thousand words and many expressions in which the words are used. They will have acquired a sizable vocabulary and learned to use many expressions in the English language.

W5GO Project will also design, develop and produce W5GO episodes that are specially made for a child on the Autistic Spectrum including Asperger’s. It’s known that there is a limited time window (ages 3-6) in the early-age life of an Autistic child when their behavior can be significantly helped or corrected to be like that of a typical non-autistic child.

Purpose-designed W5GO episodes will incorporate special features to meet the requirement of the autistic child.

Where is W5GO app and game useful?

W5GO app in various episodes and games are designed and developed with an international outlook to be useful to the very young children of countries worldwide including non-English speaking countries. It is recognized that English is predominantly the language used in Information Communication Technology (ICT) space and the Internet and as such all children would be well-served with the knowledge of the English language and the facts and figures of/about things and observation in daily living for their needs later in life as they grow up..

The proponent of the W5GO Project is particularly intent on making W5GO apps and games useful and helpful to children living in parts of the world with emerging economy.

When to use W5GO?

W5GO apps and games are designed to be helpful and useful to the parents and/or guardians and/or teachers of the child as good assignment of activity for the child to occupy their time whenever there is an opportunity or need to do so. They are better options or alternatives to having the child sit in front of a TV or doing nothing and being listless.

Teachers are urged to use W5GO apps and games as supplementary or complementary teaching materials to formal coursework for the class.