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About W5Go™

WHAT is W5Go™?

W5Go™ is part of a Social Edification project brought to you by Ecocarrier Inc.
W5Go™ aims is to create a large collection of immersive educational applications that are available for everyone. Throughout the applications, we aim to help children learn English, by teaching 20+ words in every application. The best way to learn a language is through immersion, we introduce English through voice-over, graphics and text. All of our apps ask the W5’s What? Why? When? Where? Who? to encourage children to question what they see, spark imagination and ignite creativity. We want children to think outside of the box and dig deeper by asking questions like “What if?” and “Why not?”. All of our applications are free to download, free from advertisements, no internet required and do not have any in-app purchases.

WHO are these apps for?

These applications are designed for children aged 3-12. They are meant to compilent a child’s traditional education and introduce them to modern technology. They are designed to prepare children for preschool/ kindergarten by teaching basic concepts such as numbers and colours, as well has teach other concepts such as photosynthesis by omosis.

WHERE can I download?

W5Go™ applications are available to download on any smartphone with a camera. They are free to download across many different app stores such as App Store, Google Play, SlideMe, Amazon, GetJar and UpToDown.

WHEN can I play?

As soon as you download you can play anywhere! Our applications do not require internet once they have been downloaded. Perfect for long car rides!

WHY Augmented & Virtual Reality?

W5Go™ focuses on creating virtual environments for children to learn, explore and use their imagination in the safety of their own home. With so many advancements in technology is it important for children to have an even balance of traditional learning and new mobile learning.

Our applications are VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) enabled. Since this technology is becoming such a large part of everyday life, experiencing this technology from a young age is very beneficial, our applications are meant to complement a child's traditional education while gradually introducing them to modern technology.


Contact Us

T: +1-905-597-8133 ext 111

A: 30 East Beaver Creek Road, Unit 209 Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada L4B 1J2