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About Ecocarrier Inc.

Ecocarrier is an OTT, MVNE for Wholesale Carrier Services and SuperMVNO managed services and also a developer and producer of AR, VR, MR enabled games, apps and Solutions-as-a-Managed Service providing services from Ecocarrier’s cloud-based service platforms. For further background information please go to www.ecocarrier.com www.supermvne.com www.ara2z.com www.ppixxells.com

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Ecocarrier Inc.
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Ecocarrier supports and promotes W5GO Project as an effort in doing social good. W5GO Project is an undertaking made as one of various ways of paying forward for the enterprise under the direction of Carl KS Teo, CEO & Founder, Ecocarrier Inc. and QiiQ Communications Inc..


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T: +1-905-597-8133 ext 111

A: 30 East Beaver Creek Road, Unit 209 Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada L4B 1J2

E: info@w5go.com