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About W5Go™

W5Go™ is part of a Social Edification project brought to you by Ecocarrier under the direction of Carl KS Teo, CEO & Founder, Ecocarrier Inc. and QiiQ Communications Inc.

W5Go™ is part of a collection of applications designed with the United Nations Social Development Goals (UNSDG) in mind.

Our goal is to create a large collection of immersive educational applications that are available for everyone. Throughout the applications, we aim to help children learn English, by teaching 20+ words in every application. The best way to learn a language is through immersion; we introduce English through voice-over, graphics and text. All of our applications are free to download, no internet required, and do not have in-app purchases.

Who is Ecocarrier?

Ecocarrier is an OTT, MVNE for wholesale carrier services, and superMVNO for managed services as well as a developer for XR enabled games, apps and solutions-as-a-managed-service providing services from Ecocarrier’s cloud-based service platforms. For more information please visit: www.ecocarrier.com, www.supermvne.com, www.pizzzar.com, www.telemeetup.com, and www.ppixxells.com.

Contact US

T: +1-905-597-8133
A: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
E: info@w5go.com