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Healthy Kids by W5Go™

healthy bodies for children

Healthy Bodies for Kids - is an interactive learning adventure for children aged 5-8, discovering the 5W's (Who, What, Where, When & Why) of having a healthy body.

This app is designed to aid in the development of fine motor skills, speech, language, cognitive skills and more. With interactive scenes and games featuring child-friendly Augmented and Visual Reality, your child will get lost in the wonders of learning.

Sequencing Games Hand-washing, Tooth Brushing, Laundry
Spot the Difference Attention to Detail, Patience
Colouring Book
Character Customization
Apple Catch
Cake Decorating

Educational Songs:
Imagination: Spark your imagination with this fun song about imagination.
Don’t Be a Bully: Before you act or say it…pause… and ask yourself: "And then what?"
Look, Listen & Learn: Inspired by Cherokee Proverb look, listen and learn!

Discover new depths to the world around you.

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