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Runbo's Adventures

Runbo's Adventures is a collection of casual games.

One day after a big storm, Runbo found himself waking up on the Rhino King’s Island. Animals from the local circus found Runbo and showed him around. The animals tell Runbo how the Rhino King appeared and used his strange magic to change the island and hide himself away in his tower. Can you solve the mysteries of the island?

You must help Runbo through many dangers and help solve puzzles. From magical bridges where you must avoid pits and traps to cursed forests that never end there will be a lot to discover, keeping you and Runbo busy.

Casual Puzzle modes for kicking back and relaxing. Infinite Runner modes for those who crave high scores.

6 games: Mind the Gap, Hop Up, Bridge Runner, Tower of the Rhino King, Big Top Runner, Jigsaw Puzzle.

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