About Ecocarrier TMU.AI Division

About Ecocarrier TMU.AI Division

Ecocarrier's TMU.AI Division makes and produces

AR/VR/MR-enabled educational Games and Coding Games for Children 4-10 years of age. The games are fun, entertaining, informative and an excellent way to learn coding/programming and English by natural absorption – W5Go™, RogoCoder, VROOM2, etc.

TeleMeetUp (TMU) Apps and Platform for Virtual Interaction & Video Conference with MRESENCE for approximation to PRESENCE in Mixed Reality Production www.tmu.ai

TMUDFD which is AI&ML-informed speech-enabled Conversational Chatbot integrated with TMU

AR/VR/MR/XR & IoT Apps & Platforms for building & running digital advertising campaigns www.pizzzAR.com

Therapy Games for AI&ML-informed treatment of Neurodiversity Conditions in children (ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, etc.).

These are multiplayer games incorporating TMU & TMUDFD functionality (made available through Unity Plug-In for TMUDFD) in AR/VR/MR-enabled educational games, for instance, ASD2NT Game for screening/detection/intervention of ASD in children.

The Games are published on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Itch.io, Jio Platforms, Transsion AHA Games Platform, etc. The games support all forms of monetization including time-based billing.

TMU.AI’s teams of highly skilled, experienced resource with expertise for AI, ML, Computer Vision and Speech2Text Transcription, Text2Text Translation and Text2Speech technology harness its rich resource of developed intellectual property and its global cloud-based at-scale managed service platforms to continue to create and build high-value technology as services that are readily and affordably available to and easily accessible by the populace to engender significant social edification for social good.