AR Dollhouse - Augmented Reality Game for Children

AR Dollhouse is an Interactive, Fun, and Educative Game by W5Go™, designed for Children to make them familiar with furniture and household items along with their correct placements within the Dollhouse.

Please follow the instructions to get started:
Download and Install the App, print and place the following marker on a flat surface in a way that the road is facing you - (A truck will use this road to drop you the packages).

What’s new in this version/update:
You can choose the duration for playing the game i.e. 1, 2 or 3 minutes.
Call the truck, loaded with a package of furniture / household item.
User can simply tap on a room to place the furniture / household item.
Now there is button for users, using which they can rotate the 3D dollhouse and see its other rooms (also useful for placing the furniture / household items correctly).
User will get 10 points for placing the household item/furniture correctly and lose 5 points for wrong placement.
We’ve added some interactive learning features for the kids, beautiful flash animations, and a lot more - So they can even learn from their mistakes.


Note: You can print the marker in black and white to use it in the game.
You can also use the marker on the screen to play the game. Point your smartphone at the marker on the screen to see the dollhouse. However, for best experience print the marker and place it on a flat surface in a way that the road is facing you.

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