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W5Go™ World is a collection of our past games and new additions all in one convenient package!

Welcome to W5Go™ World! Your children will start at the barbershop and create their character. Once they have a new look, they are ready to explore! Jump into lessons around town to learn about Colors, The Five Senses, The Food Groups, Hygiene, Greetings, and Books and Reading. There is a short five-question quiz to accompany each lesson to test what they have learned.

Each completed episode will award them fifty coins that can be used to unlock games around town. The games around town are meant to complement the lessons and further solidify what they have learned. With games like Color Fishing, Bakery Rush, Fruit Finder and more, there is plenty to do around town.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Each lesson has elements of Augmented and Virtual Reality to help gradually introduce children to the newest technology. Our apps use childsafe Augmented and Virtual Reality, meaning that when using the app, the children can see their surroundings at all times; they do not require the use of head-mounted displays. These scenes do not need the user to move around more than a slight turn, making it ideal for car rides.

Look around the beach in Virtual Reality to discover the colors all around you!

Within the lessons, there are three fun sing-a-long songs to enjoy. Don't Be a Bully, Imagination, and Look, Listen, and Learn!

What's next?
We plan on gradually expanding on this app, adding new lessons, games, songs and more content. If you have any suggestions or comments about this app, please feel free to contact us at support@w5go.com.

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