What are W5Go™ Games?

W5Go™ World Features


Books and Reading

Learn about the types of books you can find in a library as well as the importance of books and reading. Explore stories, rhymes and interesting facts in this interactive episode.


Learn about colors in various fun scenarios like the AR farm or the beach. Explore interesting fun facts about colors and how useful they are!


The first interaction we have with anyone we know is likely going to be a greeting. But how many ways are there to greet each other around the world? Let's find out in the episode on Greetings!


Hygiene is one of the most important pillars of civilization. Now that there is a global pandemic happening, it's more important than ever, to educate kids about hygiene, starting as early as possible! W5Go's episode on Hygiene aims to do just that and in a fun way! Knowing how to wash your hands is one thing, but do you know why you should wash your hands? Let's find out!

5 Senses

Our five senses help us navigate the world around us! Lots of interesting facts and fun interactive games await you in the episode on the five senses!

Food Groups

Our diet is the most important habit we can develop to live a long, healthy life. Learning about food, nutrition and its effects on our body early is crucial, so then by the time there is a choice of what to eat, the decision will be well-informed and easy!


Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle that has 3 difficulties (9-16-25 pieces). Currently 52 levels!


20 levels of the classic find the difference between the images. Great for improving attention to detail!

Coloring Books

6 coloring book pages, with more to come!

Touch Sensation Game

Adjectives are a topic of its own when it comes to English learning. This game aims to help kids practice adjectives in a functional way!

Fruit Catcher

Catch all the fruit while avoiding sweets like cake and chocolate!

Fruit Finder

Learn the name of dozens of fruits with this fun arcade game! More topics like furniture, flowers, foods coming soon!

Shape Puzzles

Complete the puzzles to see what it shows!


Basic arithmetic is best to practice early for a solid mathematics foundation later on! Basic counting is the first step of that.

Word Scramble

Scrambled words not only help kids learn words but also the spelling of them by playing word scramble!

Book Catcher

Catch as many books as you can and don't let any fall on the ground!

Library Runner

Collect as many books as you can while running in the library over desks and shelves! How many books can you collect? How far can you get?

Room Detective

What a mess! Let's help clean up this room by finding some objects! Let's practice looking for small details!

Bakery Rush

After digits and counting, we have a timed order game where we can put those counting skills to the test!

Color Factory

As we learned from the Colors episode, there are 3 primary colors when it comes to mixing colors. Paint the shapes in the color factory! Gotta think fast though, because the production line doesn't wait!

Color Fishing

How well do you know your colors? Let's find out while fishing by color!

Jelly Bean Counter

How many colored jelly beans?


English learning

English speech and subtitles with illustrated pop up words in every episode as well as interactive arcade games showing words with images ensure that every child whose first language is not English, can learn some English from W5Go.

Interactive topic based learning

Each W5Go™ episode is made around a specific topic with interactive mini games and AR/VR scenes to make learning fun and immersive. Each episode has a quiz at the end for bonus reward, so paying attention is incentivized.

STEAM learning

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)

In each episode we’re striving to introduce kids to the latest mobile technologies, while teaching basic skills like hand washing or math! One of these tools is emphasizing the difference between past and present inventions and tools, to show how innovation and imagination changed our lives over the centuries.

Games that reinforce topics learned – Most of the games in W5Go™ World are attempts to “gamify” learning practices. Repeating the multiplication table over and over is the past, when kids can get rewarded in a fun exercise and learn all the basics while playing games.