Why W5Go?

Why W5Go™?

W5Go™ Games & Episodes

What, Why, When, Where, Who are for asking questions in the pursuit of answers to understand the observation and the situation of daily living.

They are the 5W or W5. What If and Why Not are for digging deeper into the answers we first get and to probe into what is apparent and for firing up the imagination and the passion for further pursuit.

These are the elements of learning. It is true of all people and peoples and especially the very young.

The seeking and curious mind of the very young is a precious space and time that should be occupied with knowledge, experience, and imagination that set them in good stead in dealing with and overcoming the challenges of life as they grow.

The curious mind raises questions relative to :

  • observation of things physical, such as water, colors, forests, books, musical instruments, etc.
  • observation of experiential situations such as reading a book, playing a musical instrument, a noisy environment, a walk in a forest, people greeting one another, etc.
  • observation of mention of abstract notions such as time, digits, subtraction, addition, imagination, cleanliness, attitude, bullying, etc.

The child with such questions would love to pose them to someone they trust to provide them with good answers of explanation with facts and figures.

Learning occurs when there is such interaction for Question and Answer in a dialogue.

But not all children have the opportunity to find themselves in places and situations for making the various observation due to various kinds of constraints which may be economic, geographical, cultural, political or a matter of space and time.

Such lack of opportunity can be sufficiently overcome with the use of apps and games that are purpose-designed to introduce the child to things physical, experiential situations and abstract notions with the application of:

  • computer animation graphics
  • Augmented Reality (AR) production
  • Virtual Reality (VR) production and even
  • Mixed Reality (MR) production to present physical objects, to portray experiential situations, and to explain and to illustrate abstract notions.

That is exactly what W5Go™ apps and games have attempted to do, and so far they have proven to be rather good at it. W5Go™ is a Social Project by Ecocarrier Inc. to develop AR/VR/MR-enabled apps and games that are fun, entertaining, informative and a way for learning English words and expressions by natural absorption or osmosis for preschoolers and kindergarten children.

ADVANTAGES & BENEFITS OF USING W5Go™ Games and Episodes of Apps and Songs


  • Provide to the very young (4-10 years of age) fun, entertaining, informative apps and games to play and to learn
  • Raise the digital consciousness of the children
  • Provide young children with good answers of explanation with facts and figures to help them better perceive the environment around them and feed their questioning minds
  • Introduce children to tangible things, experiential situations and abstract notions with the application of computer animation graphics and AR/VR/MR productions
  • A way of learning English words and expressions by natural absorption or osmosis for preschoolers and kindergarten children. Typically, a child will learn some 20 new words when they play a W5Go™ app episode. With the 100 episodes of W5Go, a child will learn up to two thousand words and many expressions in English.


  • W5Go™ Apps pose questions with What, Why, Where, When, Who and provide the answers. Urge the child to think outside the box and dig deeper by asking questions with "What If" and "Why Not."
  • W5Go™ apps are efficient methods to help the child learn and are ideal for busy working parents and guardians.
  • W5Go™ apps and games are purpose-designed as a good assignment of activity for the child to occupy their time whenever there is an opportunity to do so, instead of having the child sit in front of a TV or doing nothing.


The teaching to and learning by the child are made much more effective and efficient, interesting and real with the use of Augmented Reality Techniques.

The teacher who can use some help of a teaching aid can simply run W5Go™ on a Smartphone or a Tablet that is enabled with the use of an adapter such as Airtame on a large display for the whole class.